Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Debt, savings, fearmongering

Just some reposted links (thanks koozdra) to get rid of that dreaded "newer" link.

Transition from low interest rates will be painful.    Nice to see they're at least aware of the problem, but it remains to be seen whether their actions to reduce risk will do so, or tip the market into the ditch even faster.

1/3 of Canadians living paycheque to paycheque.   Not much detail there, but apparently the people that aren't saving are of various income levels, so it ain't just those scummy renting ne'er do wells.

Mortgage brokers suddenly concerned about rental rates.  Won't someone think of the renters! has launched in Canada with MLS listings.   Only Toronto so far, but apparently Victoria is in the next group of cities that will get the MLS upgrade.  Finally some competition in this space and the CREA are going to have to aggressively move to modernize their site to stay competitive.    Zoocasa seems to have quite an odd business model based on collecting money from agents for referrals, and then giving some of it back to the buyer.   I wonder how that will integrate with the business model of discount reduced commission realtors?

So far Zoocasa only has about half of the listings that are on

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