Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Steer 2013 Summer Fashion Trends

2013 summer fashion trends
Have you got any idea about enriching your fashion wardrobe this summer? Celebrity, a group of people who always has keen sense of fashion trends, is the best fashion vane for us. So let’s check the 2013 summer fashion trends I traced from them.

The cinematic style inspiration this summer comes courtesy of Sofia Coppola's Bling Ring whose high-end trashy version beats the tasteful 20s look hands down: it's the glasses of Emma Watson styling that is key to the his look. The rule is oversized, with the arms tucked over, then under your hair, just like a hair clip.

Antonio Berardi "side-butt" dress is quite eye-catching either in a positive way or not. Black chiffon dresses decorated with deep green silk naturally outlines Antonio Berardi’s smoking hot figure. The see-through "side-butt" design takes the ajar-door beauty to the extreme and is destined to hog the limelight everywhere she goes.

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