Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Final nail: will the Dippers kill the market?

Polls just closed. I'm calling a NDP majority government, probably by 15-plus seats.

Everyone Knows that Dippers are bad for business, bad for the economy and especially bad for housing. I have it on good authority that their first order of business is to pass a law that gives common-law property rights to any basement suite dwelling tenants who stay put for longer than 6 months.

They plan to unionize realtors. It's true. They're not satisfied with the economic-rent seeking monopolies of the past. Uh uh. Commision sales people deserve a living wage after all. Especially in high rent markets like Vancouver.

To pay for it all, the property transfer tax is going up--after all, everyone knows only people earning more than $150,000 per year and corporations can afford to sell homes to buy new ones today. This won't effect you and me and the rest of joe middle class public because we're selling our homes to co-op associations and staying put regardless... no tax implications there, just unicorns, ponies, free money and low rents.

Besides that, us degreed folks are going to head back into Skills Training Programs so that we can have lucrative skilled trades careers working in "public relations" for the Ministry of Information helping people understand why it's important that government mandates be changed from 4 year terms to lifetime terms because short terms lead to bad decisions for "the people."

All kidding aside--surely some folk in BC feel the need for comic interlude regardless of election outcome--I'm curious to know what people in Victoria think: will the outcome of today's election have an effect on tomorrow's home prices? 

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