Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eyewear - a must have in 2013!

Goggles have a frame made of a hard plastic (or it could be metal) and the lens are made of a special transparent plastic which is also hard to penetrate so your eyes will be safe while you are working. There are many types of goggles and I will present you all of them, but first of all I want to tell you that goggles can be wear by animals too, like horses, dogs and others.

First type and the most common are the cold weather goggles and this is made with a double lens to prevent any ‘foggy’ situation. Swimming goggles are used by swimmers and the purpose of these glasses is to prevent water, as well they prevent eyes irritating or blurry views. Power tools goggles are made of a really hard material, unbreakable I could say that prevents any other stuff from exterior like pieces of metal, wood and plastic to break the lenses and hit your eyes. As well this type of goggles has some ventilation to protect you from sweating. Blowtorch goggles made to protect your eyes from any powerful light or any flame. Welding goggles designed to protect your eyes when you weld or cut something. There are also motorcycle goggles made to protect your eyes from dust, insects and others. Laboratory goggles are made to protect you from the chemical reactions. Winter sports goggles are made to protect your eyes from any ice particle that could fly up from the ground.

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