Friday, June 7, 2013

Colors Palette for Spring Nail Polish

A huge variety on colors is available into the nail fashion. You could make choice on nail polish colors simply by looking at the changing season. Nevertheless, seasonality matters in case of nail polishing. There are several nail polish colors available for each season. You are suggested to choose one charming color that gets suited with your personality as well as changing season. Always keep in mind that your entire look gets affected by the nail polish colors, so you are suggested to be aware while selecting the nail polish colors. 

Now, let’s consider the spring season. Spring is one such season that requires light shades of color. So, you could use yellow, faint pink, pitches, and many other colors that have light and glowing nature. Apart from this, you could also try combination of two different colors. For example: you could paint each nail with faint blue and apply cloud designs, or you could select yellow color and produce small arena colored suns.(Source: Eyetouchcolor)

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