Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 5 Jewelry Designs for Jewelry Trends 2013

Top 5 Jewelry Designs for Jewelry Trends 2013

Jewelry trends go through the variations, especially in case of a form, design, color, and the size. There is no specific fashion statement included into jewelry; you could choose anything that suits you the most. These jewelry trends are formulized since past few years. In case of jewelry trends 2013 year has become fastidious and picky. The jewelry designs have become more demanding than the previous. The top five jewelry designs that are more admired in year 2013 are listed below. 

Antique inspired jewelry: The antique jewelry is one among the most popular jewelry designs. This form f jewelry is considered as the high ended designer jewelry. A classic combination of past and modern generations gets to see through the designs of antique jewelry. 

Geometric designs: This form of jewelry allows you wearing olden jewelry items that are considered as the sold out pieces now. It is necessary to class this jewelry from differently by means of repetitions in shapes and sizes. 

Neon color jewelry: The neon jewelry was established in 2012 and still it is considered as the most fascinating jewelry item. When you decide wearing this form of jewelry then you should maintain an exact combination of vibrant and intense colors in case of bangles, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 

Metal link chains: The most popular form of jewelry that mostly gets followed from many people is the metal link chains. Large metal links are extra popular into this category. This jewelry could get linked to the other accessories such as bets, shoes, wallets, and bags. 

Bold cuffs: These bold cuffs could add extra gallant and astound look to your personality. Plain and sleek cuffs with metallic finishing gives valiant look. These bold cuffs could get linked with metal belts if you wish to look trendy.(Source:wow-jewel)

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