Monday, June 17, 2013

Top Trending 2013 Hair Styles for Men

Listed here are some of this year's hair styles that are shaping up to be the driving forces in 2013′s hottest looks for men. Here are some of the basic elements we are seeing most prominently on cat walks and red carpets. 

Short or Medium Sides, Longer on Top

While there are many different hairstyles competing for fashion supremacy right now, most of them fall into this category. At the Oscars this year, many famous celebs were seen following the general guideline of letting their previously extreme short styles grow out a bit allowing for additional length on top for reshaping. George Clooney's side swept wave, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's slicked back look both caught the attention of fashion commentators. Long length isn't something many men are sporting right now; rather they are using that bit of extra up top to create shape and style.

Tousled, Lightly

There have been times when exact neatness in men's hair was the trend and also times when full on bed hair was the hottest thing. Right now hair styles are trending toward something in the middle. Not too controlled, but not a chaotic mess. "Slightly undone" seems to be the operative phrase. When putting your hairstyle together, try to get it perfect and then, just put one or two strands slightly out of place. Most stars seem to be leaning toward a look that suggests they styled their hair perfectly, then had something important to do and now it's just slightly undone.

Deep Side Part

If one look is shaping up to be the big trend this year, it's probably going to be the deep side part. Side parts were fairly popular last year, but this year brings something a little different. The most popular part starts a little further to the side than most, just a bit further out than the middle of the eyebrow. There are a few different takes on this theme, which allows you to change it up a bit day to day while still being fashionable. Whether you decide on something more controlled, like Rory Macdonald's slick shiny look, or Clooney's voluminous take, this is a great style for many men.

90′s Retro

The 90's are coming back and for men's hair, that means the "peaked" cut. This style features shortish sides and a medium short top, slightly longer in front. The most striking thing however, is the way the top is styled. Brush the hair forward, then gel it straight up, just above the forehead. It makes something like a tiny "ski jump". In the past, this look was popular among skater boys. Now, however, actors like Hugh Jackman and Channing Tatum have been seen wearing it. Don't let the peak get too high, as the new take is more subtle than the original.

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