Monday, June 17, 2013

Relive Update from Isle of Wight Festival

As the festival gets going after a heady night of extreme musical enjoyment we are reliving one action here.

UPDATE: Hackney-born singer Paloma Faith has taken to the stage in a stunning white one shoulder dress with blue feather and diamond detail.

The typically eccentric singer opted for a head scarf (Hilda Ogden style) and teased her hair into a slick up-do.

We think she looked gorgeous and with her sultry voice booming around the now sunny field we are feeling more than a bit content.

Earlier this year the 27-year-old award winning singer told 3 am: "No one ever chats me up; I think they all think I’m taken. Either that or no one fancies me.

“I don’t get hit on by anyone, ever. That’s the truth. No one ever approaches me, famous or otherwise.

“I’m not seeing anyone but am open to offers…I’m on the lookout.

“I like someone with a really good and dark sense of humor, who doesn't take themselves too seriously and preferably non-European.

“My mum’s always on at me to have children and blames ‘that stupid stage thing you do’ for me not already having a family.

“In five years’ time, I’d like to have a small brood of babies.” 

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