Thursday, June 6, 2013

Father’s Day:How to Polish Their “Dashing Daddy Style”

The father’s day is approaching, but you are still stuck on the gift idea for our dear poppa, right? I’m here to save you from this nerve-wracking thing. Let’s just cut to the chase. 

What dads eagerly want? Your happiness, of course. It becomes his lifelong goal since the moment you came to this world. But what’s the most-wanted gift on father’s day? Different from intimate mother that is always on your side; reserved father highly increases the difficulty of choosing a perfect gift. But there is a rule you can follow: everyone wants to be beautiful. So how about choosing a suit of fashion clothes to flattering your daddy’s dashing look on father day? 

1. Suit 

Suit is to men what dress is to women. So we can’t talk about men’s fashion without talking about it. Luxurious fabrics decorated with exquisite details, suit never spare a chance to accent men’s robust body and chiseled look. Want an amazing and sophisticated suit to flatter your daddy’s dashing style? Pick one from those outstanding ones in 2013 fashion trends. 

50s-styled pinstripe suit is the best of the best. The simple yet classy stripe pattern makes the finishing point for the tailored suit in subtle color. For the conservative business attire it endows, the pinstripe suit will give a mega boast to your dad’s insuperable charisma, ability and integrity in any official occasion. Chalk stripe suit is not a little bit inferior to pinstripes when it comes to demonstrating masculinity. 

If your father likes street style, the blue suit is the one after your heart. Matching the blue suit with a jean rather than suit pants, they know all tricks to make your dad stand out from the crowd daring traffic-stopping looks for the refreshing and eye-catching color. 

2. Tie 

Small change always makes big difference, that’s why men can’t loss tie. As the icing on the cake, tie is the perfect choice for infuse men’s personality into their fashion wardrobe, your dad is no exception. Ties in teal and mint are timeless, but this year emerald will be an alternative color to add a playful edge to the tailored suit. As for the patterns, polka dot tie is the place to go for die-hard vintage fans. The eye-catching polka dots easily create an edge sophisticated and personable look that only belongs to a 50s gentleman. 

3. Shoes 

A pair of color-blocking corduroy saddle shoes will be enough to flatter your old man whether in office or leisure time. The prevailing color-blocking design is here to tickle the fashion buds of your daddy and jazz up his chic outfit. Moreover, their softness and lightness will easily make him fall in love with wearing them 

4. Glasses 

Undoubtedly glasses have played an impeccable role in fashion industry, especially for men. So choosing a pair of glasses to polish your daddy’s dashing style also should not be underestimated. Taking your father’s age and fashion into consideration, a pair of round glasses can easily steal the heart of your daddy and his audiences of course. The 20s-inspired vintage glasses will do the speaking for his experience of life and also your love to him.
(Source: GlassesHunter)

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